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No brokers - No middle men - No hidden charges
choice of OVER 100k users.

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Farmers. Buyers. Advisers. Renters. - All of your needs together in single App

No brokers - No middle men - No hidden charges
choice of OVER 100k users.

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What We Do

Dosth is an app which gives a technological boost to the players in Agricultural, Poultry, Dairy farming

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Market Prices

Showing market prices for available commodities as per govt data in our app
with messaging

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Connect to farmers, buyers, advisers and renters using our app
with messaging

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Dosth will be a one-stop solution for all farmer needs – come join us to be the change

A user can choose from the roles of Farmer, Buyer, Adviser, and Renter and communicate with the players as per his needs

  • Farmer/Seller - can publicize to market his produce, seek advice, rent agricultural equipment and produce transport options
  • Buyer – can search for available offers and bid his need for goods
  • Adviser - can share his experiences for a particular problem or share his opinions on the latest trends in these industries
  • Renter - can offer machinery for Agriculture, dairy needs, transportation vehicles, etc.
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Join people across the country in Agriculture, Dairy, poultry communities

‘Jai Jawan Jai Kisan’ was the slogan of Shri Lal Bahadur Shastri which aptly described the importance of farming to our country.

We want to provide a solution to this problem by bringing technology into agriculture industry. In this age of mobile technologies and ever-increasing penetration of smart phone usage, an app which can connect the farmer to the consumer of their produce is the most sought after.

User Friendly

seamlessly connects all of the stakeholders with minimal clicks.

Fast Messaging

in app messaging and all related in one place.

Easy To Access

simplified features according to user type .

Secure Monitoring

providing highest security for the user data.


Check what people say
About Farming!


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“The role played by Farmers in nourishing generations of people is indispensable, yet farming remains to be one of the underlooked profession in our country!


“Farm produce is not evaluated at the right price. Middlemen, brokers make the situation even worse


“Produce transportation, storage needs, equipment are an additional burden on the Farmers


“Search for Information on Weather, Market Prices of Produce, New trends, and practices in Farming is all over the place and in multiple different channels

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